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Musician's FAQ
For Musicians Playing the Invitational Jam

also at the Opera House: Mon Open Mic, Thu C&W, Fri&Sat Bands, Sun Metal

Tuesday Nights - Jazz/Rock/Funk Invitational Jam 8:30pm to 1:45am no cover!
Hosted by Walnutbutter and Friends, Organized by Saxy - NOT an open mic

Under Construction...
  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Be Professional
  3. Use a Tuner
  4. Venue Acoustics
  5. Audience Doesn't Hear What You Hear on Stage
  6. Listen to the Other Players!
  7. Volume Wars
  8. Improvise! Avoid covers.
  9. Invite Other Musicians
  10. Where Do I Bring In My Stuff?
  11. Do I Have to Lug My Stuff Upstairs? (there's an elevator)

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